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Friday, June 3, 2011

X-men First Class.....My thoughts

Well, just got out of the theater. It's 2:53am, Friday morning the 2nd of June.  This was the second release by Marvel Entertainment this year.  Soon Captain America will be out.  From DC, we have Green Lantern.  I think that's a record for the Comic crowd.

Anyway,  this movie was pretty good.  Like a new start.  The main story takes place in 1962.  The same year the franchise was launched by Marvel way back in the year.  Thus keeping with the ages of the characters that were in the first X-men movie released in 2000.

I loved the scene with Hugh Jackman, a cameo appearance, when Charles and Erik are out recruiting.  You'll get a laugh out of that one, I know I did.

For those of us around most of that time, there are some differences, Moria working for the CIA, and not a driven geneticist who worked with Charles and Erik, and also mother to an omega class mutant known as Proteus, Pixie, who wasn't introduced till decades later, Havok, who wasn't found till after Scott(Cyclops) was recruited in the 60's.  Darwin, another early arrival.  Banshee, a mere child, was also on the same age level as Charles and Magneto, but working for the Irish Government.  A few differences, but a good story, none the less.   We get to see Beasts transformation in his current blue furry version, which didn't take place until the 70's in Tales to Astonish, if I remember correctly. We also get to see an early version designed by Henry McCoy.....not Professor X and Magneto as alluded to in the first movies.. We also get to see glimpses of Storm and other mutants when the Professor goes tripping through cyber space with Cerebro, locating all the mutants in one sitting, or so it seems.

But this is a new age and  new generation.  Overall a very well done movie, quite entertaining and worth the fare.  The euphoria of new mutants discovering their powers carried over well.   And the growth of Magneto into his power was well done.  He was shaped by events in his life, and don't get me wrong, but He was right about the fear of mutants, or any group different from the mainstream taking a lead part in how they would be treated by flat scans.
Go see it and enjoy, and don't be overly critical of all the changes from the Marvel Universe in print.

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