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Saturday, May 28, 2011

War of the Green Lanterns part 9

Well, with the movie coming out and all in a few weeks, I thought I should be on here a little more often.  The war of the Green Lanterns had 3 parts come out this past week in the GL family of books, with 1 more part till the conclusion in Green Lantern #87.  Krona was about to take over the Green Lantern corps with all the emotional spectrums using all of the earthly green lanterns.  Cause they got the emotional stuff to care, unlike the Guardians of OA.  So, Kudos to Krona for seeing that far, but his methods leave a little to be desired by the more morally sensitive.

Anyway, hope your planning on seeing the movie. It looks really good based on the trailers I've seen thus far.

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